Interactive Presentations

Its all about ease of perception. If you watch a video presentation, a passive observation, you are likely to remember roughly only 30% of the content. But if you are experiencing the same content in its real context, you are likely to remember a staggering 90% of the content.

Discover the benefits of hands-on interaction and active perception. 

BREEZ is a unique interactive presentation tool built as a  
content communications platform. BREEZ is scalable and its functionality spans the lifetime of products and projects. From early on in the idea and the design phase, as a work tool, and later as a presentation tool.

The platform is full of functionality and has many advantages. These can be applied to get a quick and accurate evaluation of different solutions. Later the same refined content can be displayed and presented with the same tool - for training and marketing and familiarisation purposes, communicating your products, operations and installations.


The key structure

BREEZ builds all its content round a fully interactive 3D model. The size and complexity of the model makes no difference. It can be as small as a bolt or as large as a coastline with multiple installations.

The technology is based on the latest gaming platforms and provide realistic experiences with a high visual quality.


User friendly interaction

You can navigate the model by walking or flying through the content. You can also navigate through a handy menu, linking all areas and products.

There is no limit to what information or functions you can link to the different areas. You can operate equipment, interact with audio, text, images and animations.

All the information is presented in an interactive manner that engages the audience.

Flexible expansion

As your product or project evolve, your communication needs will also change. Having a flexible and dynamic tool that maximise the use of, and build on your existing content is essential.

BREEZ is easy to scale according to varying and developing needs.

BREEZ has advanced developer functions that makes giving feedbacks, tracking changes and keeping everyone in the team up to date - a breeze.


All your content in one tool

Product Development

Using BREEZE in an early phase of development secures a good evaluation and conceptual decisions related to product design, ergonomics, field of vision, work environment, layot, GUI etc.

Some examples of how Unity VR environment is used in product development are:

-    Bridge and workstation studies
-    Field of vision, ergonomics etc.
-    GUI studies in real environment
-    Study of equipment modes and movements
-    Workspace studies

Sales Tool

When the project is finalised the interactive 3D model can be used for sales and marketing purposed. It is an easy interactive model to share with potential clients and interactive exploration of product in sales meetings or fairs. The sales tool can easily be updated when for example expanding your product range.

BREEZE has several areas of usage on different several platforms:

-    On webpage as interactive brochure
-    Replace power point in presentations
-    Fair displays offering interactive exploration
-    VR head gear experience in trade shows

Expert User Input

Input from expert users on product design, ergonomics, field of vision, work environment etc. throughout the development process secures valuable end users input. This helps the development team in making good strategic decisions and understanding customers need.

Some examples of how Unity VR environment is used for harvesting Expert User information are:

-    VR bridge and workstation situations
-    Expose EU to interactive GUI concepts
-    Study of equipment modes and movements
-    Interactive workspace studies


BREEZ Functionality


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