Uncovering new functionality and concepts in Anchor Handling Operations

Client: Kongsberg Maritime / Solstad Offshore / Salt Ship Design

Anchor Handling Operations are evolving radically. Historicaly they were carried out and practiced with decisions largely based on personal experience, guesswork leading to excessive safety margins. The procedures and calculations mostly done on papers and little or no possibility of logging or tracking events.



The key challenges were critical phases and situations during the operations.

For each phase there were three angles of approch:
Monitoring / Predicting / Simulating


We facilitated a series of workshops with participating expert users.

During these workshops we detected many previous uncharted areas for innovation including the complete planning process.

These findings lead the project to focus on "the six areas of innovation". See slideshow.


These areas of innovation were "realised" in a typical Anchor Handling Operation case using "Design by storytelling" in an interactive presentation, with the innovation areas put into context on the actual displays.

By using the Bris Interactive platform, we brought the findings to life.  We exposed expert users to the new GUI concepts in a realistic environment, making them experience the holistic approach of the new interfaces.


The result was a totally new holistic approach, and new way of planning, working and logging all data from every Anchor Handling Operations. This makes it possible - to at any stage review the operation in real time with full access to every detail of the operation.

The customer was reassured of the commercial value of the new concept.


For more information on the project contact:
Sveinung Åkra

The six areas of innovation


GUI concept visualized interactivly