Our Services

At Storm we focus on solutions specially adopted to the needs in the industry. Our design thinking approach together with years of experience working for this industry and close cooperation with ship design competences give us a unique insight.

We are an expert group with the necessary presence and professional expertise to provide product communication services, industrial design and product development services with a unique know-how to meet the demands and expectations from this sectors.

We believe that the maritime and aquaculture industry need a different industrial design approach that other businesses. Cross discipline. We offer a wide selection of industrial design and market communication services.



Industrial Design & Product Development

Storm Industrial Design is a One-Stop-Shop for our marine, offshore and maritime customers helping the supply industry with industrial design and engineering services to enhance their product strategy, functionality, user-friendliness and design for production.



Expert User Involvement

At Storm we believe that the true innovative power lies within the industries experts. These experts are the real users, or the technical expertise with in depth product knowledge; captains, crane operators, vessel service personnel and skilled project managers.

Storm has a long experience in revealing this innovative power through design thinking and approach, adopted to the way of working in the industry. We have methods, approaches and tools to truly release their innovative power,-making their experience valuable input to the development. 



Product Communication 

Storm offers industry expertise in strategic product communication with deliveries in 3D animation, film, 3D visualisations, printed and digital graphic communication material.

Download our brochure to see some samples of what we offer.

Download our brochure to see some samples of what we offer.



BREEZ - Interactive Solutions

We believe that the businesses in the market has a lot to gain from using design thinking and new tools in sales and marketing. Tools that are specialised to their business needs.  We provide interactive solutions through our content communication platform BREEZ.