Made for internal use adapted for sales and marketing

Client: ABB

In conjunction with the construction of ABB's new cable laying vessel, they were looking for a form of presentation that both showed the exterior of the ship and that could present the optimised deck layout. The material was initially intended for internal use and would be presented at the release presentation.



So that employees not involved in the project would gain a better understanding of the ship and the deck layout, it was important that the material presented the ship from several angles. It was also important to show the ship immersed. 


Give the users the flexibility to navigate to familiarize themselves with the ship from all angles.


Using our interactive platform Breez, we implemented and optimized the 3D model of the vessel. The users can rotate and zoom the exterior view or free walk the deck to get a closer view of the deck equipment. The water plane can be turned on to get a representation of what the ship looks like immersed and the presentation also allows for exporting user defined animations and stills.


The interactive tool showed great utility. After the initial release, new functionality was added to display different roll damping solutions, and the interactive model was made available for tablets. The interactive presentation was also used to present the ship on exhibitions.


For more information on the project contact:
Ola Stian Eriksen